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Are you harnessing the full power of your networking environment? Or are you merely throwing money at problems hoping to fend back the tide?

Why not let the technology that runs the Internet run your business?

The same technology that connects computers from Hong Kong to Hackensack can connect Accounting to Advertising. Dee-Web can create or revamp your Network with powerful Servers and Firewalls to give you solid performance on your Network, from Client-Server networks to Cross Country Wide Area Networks.

We can deliver Internal/Internet E-mail, Scheduling, File and Print Services, and User Administration and Control. Simply. Easily. Watch productivity go up when users have reliable access Network resources.

You may wonder how we can offer such powerful services, or if your business can afford the expense of all this. Well, we do and you can.

We accomplish this using the Linux Operating System.

In case you haven't heard of it yet, or you've heard of it and aren't sure exactly what it is, then here is a brief summary.

Linux is an Open Source Operating System. Much like Windows 2000 and XP it offers powerful services that help your business run. But unlike it's Windows counterparts, it can provide you with what you need, with unprecedented freedom, simplistic licensing schemes, impressive security, feature rich applications, excellent stability and standards compliance and all at a reasonable price.

For more information about getting your network installed or upgraded, Click Here, to contact us.

For more information about Linux and what it and Dee-Web can do for you, Click Here, to visit our Linux Resource Center.

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